Welcome to Zombie Mountain™ the website dedicated to zombie survival planning.  Don't have a plan.  No problem.  We can help you Get Prepared.  Zombie Mountain™ is a professional group of zombie Survival Consultants.  Find out more about our group in the About Us tab.  Subscribe to the Zombie Blog to keep up with new projects at Zombie Mountain™,  and for tips to enhance your zombie survival plan.  Need some motivation?  Check out our free full length movie Night of the Living Dead (1968) By George A. Romero.

 The Zombie Mountain™ Observer Network (map at right) depicts the 17 fixed zombie monitoring stations (blue) located in the US and EU.  The stations are located in a variety of high zombie risk areas (e.g. malls, government buildings, etc.), and controls (e.g. cemeteries).  Trained observers visit the fixed stations regularly, collect data, and submit zombie reports.  Red pushpins represent potential zombie sightings.

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